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This Picture of You



“In her third novel, Sarah Hopkins proves herself among the leading chroniclers of contemporary Australian life… Thrilling and deceptively breezy, This Picture of You demands attention with its page-turning pace and slow-burning revelations…[It] is a novel that should open conversations and force reassessment of staid beliefs, to help us remember that vast and tumultuous inner lives throb beneath the most destitute and most refined exteriors.” – The Sydney Morning Herald


“A family drama with the page-turning power of a suspense thriller, This Picture of You is a book I read in one sitting. I had other things to do, but I couldn’t get away.” – MALCOLM KNOX, author of The Life


Martin and Maggie, a judge and an artist, have forged a life together for thirty-seven years. They have a son who is a successful lawyer and a grandson to dote on. Life is good, comfortable, familiar.

But one day Martin leaves a family lunch and drives to a suburb miles away, to a particular house in a particular street, where an accident triggers a chain of events. No one knows why he was there – not even Martin himself – and as his mind starts unravelling, it is left to Maggie to discover what in Martin’s past is troubling him, and where it is going to take them.

While Maggie pieces together the events leading up to the accident, Martin takes refuge in a single memory, a night in New York almost forty years ago – the night he and Maggie met. As Martin’s mind spirals inward, the fabric that has been holding his lifetime of secrets at bay begins to fray. In his efforts to protect his family from the mistakes in his past, has Martin damned his son to the fate of repeating them?

This Picture of You is a searing story of love and betrayal, a gripping portrait of a family and the history that threatens to tear it apart at the seams.